Leadership Team

  • Marcus Fontaine
    Marcus Fontaine President

    I am a veteran consultant and leader with hands-on experience delivering payer solutions, services, and enterprise systems. Regarded as a Subject Matter Expert in Case, Disease, and Utilization Management, my experience also spans nearly all other facets of the healthcare insurance business disciplines: Medicare, Medicaid, Eligibility, Enrollment and Membership, Claims, and Grievance & Appeals. My direct consulting experience is in business architecture, project management, business analysis, and payer-driven software implementations. As the President of Impresiv Health, my focus is to change the face and delivery of healthcare consulting services. Our team truly understands the challenges our clients are facing, and we are always looking for the next opportunity.

    Fun Fact: Marcus enjoys BBQ’ing for large groups of family and friends at least one weekend per month.

  • Audra Dimitriadis
    Audra Dimitriadis VP, Strategic Initiatives and Operational Excellence

    I am a results-focused leader experienced in devising, communicating, and executing business strategies that build corporate image and drive growth. Accomplished in identifying and addressing customer needs to ensure client confidence, retention, and satisfaction, my role at Impresiv is to guarantee excellence in every service and deliverable. I drive our strategic roadmap by staying abreast of innovations in healthcare and opportunities for greater operational efficiency and further development of our Impresiv Center of Excellence.

    Fun Fact: Audra’s frequency of sushi consumption borders on the ridiculous.

  • Marlia Weisse
    Marlia Weisse VP, Content Strategy & Marketing

    I’m a creative leader who drives operational efficiency around how Impresiv Health plans, creates, delivers, and governs content for internal and external audiences. From the approach that all published materials are assets, the vision is to treat every piece of content as a business driver, solidifying branding and messaging along the way. With a focus on implementing actionable content strategies across multiple channels, my role within the organization is to increase brand awareness, traffic, and engagement using traditional best practices alongside innovative storytelling.

    Fun Fact: Marlia narrates an original mystery podcast series for kids that she writes and produces with two other women.