Business Transformation & Optimization

Embrace Change and Improve Operational Efficiencies

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Standing up a new line of business? Redefining your model of care? Developing processes around a new or upgraded platform? Whatever transformation initiative you’re planning to launch, we can help! Impresiv Health’s Business Transformation & Optimization Solution offers best practice strategies to devise and implement operational efficiencies for optimal performance.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

We help you reach your current and future productivity goals through the use of an effective change management approach that incorporates the necessary steps to better align your staff, end-to-end processes, technical systems, and data management processes. You can engage us for the entire transformation process or use our expertise in the areas where you need it most.

Needs Assessment and Strategic Alignment

We begin by collaborating with your internal stakeholders to identify current competencies, skills, and knowledge within the targeted areas along with your organization’s contractual obligations, regulatory standards, and pain points. This assessment becomes the foundation to strategic planning and road mapping exercises that define goals and strategic initiatives.

Evaluation and Execution Options

As trusted partners, we want to make sure we assist you in making the best decision for how to proceed with your change initiative. We present you with options to decide if it’s best to move forward internally or work with our team to drive change. 

Implementation Planning and Redesign

Our project managers and business process engineers leverage the needs assessment findings and recommendations to work alongside your staff to define short-term and long-term goals and how each of the goals will be accomplished along the way. Using our out-of-the-box tools, accelerators, and workflows as a baseline, we can fast track the realignment of technology systems and business processes.

Continuous Improvement

We help you create a business culture where staff embraces continual improvement across the enterprise. Throughout the entire transformation and optimization process, we provide development workshops, focused trainings, and regular communication to keep all employees informed, involved, and trained up on the latest procedures for peak performance. And for your identified internal change agents, we help establish a repeatable strategy for future transformations.

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