Are you tired of dealing with broken or inefficient processes?

You’re in the right place. We can help you align your staff, processes, and technologies to achieve greater operational excellence.

Our Process Improvement Services team supports healthcare organizations in defining strategies for increased efficiency across operations. We work hard to identify and solve for business and technical gaps. While doing so, we evaluate end-to-end processes and develop standard operating procedures guaranteed to encourage efficient, repeatable practices.

Current State Diagnosis

We perform an objective review of your operational state against industry standards and best practices.

Design of Future State

We work with you to strategically define your desired future state and determine the required steps to get there.

Road Map and Execution

Roll up future state requirements into an action plan and execute that plan until performance targets are met.

Process Modeling and Workflow

Our team ensures your new business processes give a clear understanding of the newly-defined current state.

Policies and Procedures

We craft effective policies and procedures for your staff to follow that support your business transformation.

Ready To Streamline Your Processes?

What Does This Mean For You?

We commit to implementing business change that successfully improves the quality of patient care while striving to lower your administrative costs. Click through the tabs to see examples of how to put our Process Improvement Services to use. Curious to gain insight into how we can specifically improve processes at your organization? Feel free to contact us at


If you’ve experienced delays in membership and billing, our Process Improvement Services can help you resolve data discrepancies and process gaps to make sure you can process member enrollment without disruption.

Member Services

Use our Process Improvement Services to improve call center functions, like demand forecasting based on call volumes, leading to increased staff productivity and higher quality service to members.

Medical Management

Use our Process Improvement Services to equip your care team with evidence-based care plans, guidelines, and health risk assessments, which help you improve the health outcomes of your members.


If the accuracy of your first pass auto-adjudication rate isn’t where you want it to be, our Process Improvement Services can help. Use them to analyze your current member and provider match criteria for gaps and solve for them with corrective best practices.

Risk Adjustment

Use our Process Improvement Services to develop an ongoing data monitoring process to promote the collection of accurate, complete, and compliant encounter data.