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We help healthcare organizations drive successful transformational change for their workforce, business processes, and software management. Impresiv Health provides diverse capabilities to address organizational strategies. Our Business Transformation services create measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and stakeholder satisfaction, whether it is an enterprise initiative or a change within a specific business unit.

From building a new corporate vision to managing an implementation of multiple projects, Impresiv Health is the ideal partner to better position your business to thrive in the future of care delivery.

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Business Transformation

8 Tips for Gaining Employee Buy-in

Businesses in virtually every industry struggle with how to engage teams to improve operational and clinical processes. So, what do you do if your employees resist new strategies?

We Build Strategic Partnerships

As the healthcare industry experiences regulatory changes and advances in technology, our team works diligently to stay abreast of the newest technologies, best practices, and the continually evolving requirements and standards from CMS, NCQA, and URAC.

With decades of experience designing and implementing transformation initiatives, we offer our clients the knowledge and tools to support your organization’s current and future goals.

We start your business transformation with an assessment to evaluate a company’s current readiness to embrace change and then address how the enterprise’s data, people, processes, and technology can and will work together.


Organizational Strategy
Key Performance Metrics
Business Processes and Procedures
Skill Sets Across the Organization
Capabilities of Technology And Information Systems
Data Governance

Understanding what your organization’s current status and future objectives is an excellent start to a business transformation initiative. When you partner with Impresiv Health, we help identify, analyze, and recognize the organizational strengths necessary to define and implement the strategic vision.

People: How Can We Improve Employee Competencies?
Process: What Operational Improvements Can Be Made?
Technology: How Can Systems and Tools Be Leveraged in Each Department?
Data: How Is information Leveraged to Enhance The Quality Of Care And Manage Risk?

Our approach provides a meaningful analysis of your current operational state and the desired future state. Our journey maps align your organization’s goals, business needs, and technology requirements with your business transformation objectives.

We work with the internal project team and your vendors to identify the status of current processes, challenges, or gaps in requirements and provide recommendations for best practices. Impresiv Health partners with you to develop and manage an implementation plan to execute on your strategic vision.

For your organization to embrace transformation, your business strategy will require buy-in from managerial and supervisory staff who were not part of the decision-making processes.

Impresiv Health can address the organizational need for project guidance, program advocacy, and staff cooperation. Our change agents are business subject matter experts, transformation consultants, project leaders, and program managers. We work alongside your team to define, develop, and implement strategies to keep all employees informed, engaged, and educated on the initiatives for maximizing time to value and high-performance results.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. While all transformation initiatives within your strategic vision may not be realized for 12 to 18 months, our comprehensive framework delivers quick wins to promote and expedite user adoption of new technologies, processes, and everyday practices.

Supported by our Enterprise Project Management services, our Business Transformation services team will help you work to achieve the initiative while leveraging new and improved capabilities.

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