What Makes Us Special

We’re building a firm where thought leaders and proven industry experts are coming together as a team to pioneer new ways of thinking and delivering healthcare consulting services with a Center of Excellence as the driver.

Everything we do centers on making a difference for the individual at the point of care, and that begins with our commitment to raising the status quo and differentiating ourselves from all the great companies out there for you to select from. That is Impresiv.

We get it

Impresiv Health offers the industry knowledge and hands-on expertise to overcome the most difficult problems that a healthcare organization could endure.  

We’ve strategically built a team of professionals with experience in every facet of payer and provider operations, and we’re committed to being innovative, responsive, and consistent to meet the needs of our clients.

We listen. We act. We Deliver.

No two organizations are the same

With Impresiv Health, you get access to a dedicated team who carefully invests the time to learn about your organization’s culture, expectations, and future goals. This care and attention to detail results in services specifically catered to your current and growing needs.

Nor should they be treated that way

We understand and consider the fact that the population you serve is as unique as you are, so not all business and technical requirements and recommendations can be out of the box.

And time to value matters

It’s not just our goal to immediately deliver greater returns on your investment in us as a partner—it’s our reputation.

Healthcare Consulting

We Are Impresiv Health


Impresiv Health is a healthcare consulting firm dedicated to raising the standards of information technology consulting, advisory consulting, and recruitment process outsourcing services to payers and providers. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions designed to help you supplement your business and technical capabilities. From our subject matter expertise to our project management and configuration support, we’ve developed a consultancy that can meet your most critical needs.


Our leadership team chose Impresiv Health as our company name because it defines who we are and the expectations of what we’ve set out to do—Impress.

What Do We Value?

Our purpose is to not only deliver unwavering excellence in the healthcare consulting services we provide to our clients, but to also create a top-notch working environment where leading healthcare professionals can continue to grow professionally while making a difference.

The following list of core values reflects those two pillars of what it means to be Impresiv.

We Provide The Highest Quality Services

We use our knowledge and experience to not only meet requirements; we take extra steps to educate our clients so they can be self-sufficient.

We Promote A Healthy Work-Life Balance

We understand priorities are constantly shifting and offer a completely flexible work environment to accommodate changing needs.

We Listen, Act, And Deliver

We listen to the specific needs of organizations and individuals to respond with the most beneficial course of action and always deliver what was promised.

We Believe Integrity Goes Beyond The Individual

We must be honest with each other and in the work we do for the company and our clients, even in uncomfortable situations.

We Are Personable And Accountable

We are responsible for our actions, deliver on our commitments, and add positivity to internal and external work environments.

We Value Diversity

We are a minority-owned company and our MBE status is certified and issued by the Florida Department of Management Services and Office of Supplier Diversity.

Ready To Engage With A Partner Who Gets It?